Eco, art & designmarket

It was such a crazy week, i've worked soooo much (school, work AND marjon.org).
But everything is finished for tomorrow!!:D
I've got new cards and new buttons and lots of loomys & chubs.
Ready to go to Amsterdam (www.pandoost.com).Minicards.
Jellyfish postcards.


I heart packages

^^ still had to show this.
(my room is getting filled up..)Cute package from VreemdeVogels, they really had a great stand at 100%design!!I lovvvvve StickaThingArt print bij Curster


Art & Design market Amsterdam

I will be at the Art and Design market in Amsterdam next sunday (1 july).
Some of the people who are also going to be there are: www.bolsabags, ninavalkhoff, ninacity, chica-chica, nandaasplace, ploesiepoesie.

Cant wait to see all of you :)

Some info about the market (in Dutch..):
Shop til you drop on art and design whilst lounging your day away...

Sunday Market Amsterdam is een door Londense markten (Camden, Spitalfields) geïnspireerd concept voor een Art & Design zondagmarkt. Dit concept is met name ontwikkeld ter invulling van de leegstaande Van Gendthallen. Bestemming van deze locatie laat momenteel nog op zich wachten.

Dappermarkt goes Eco, Art & Design...
In samenwerking met de Dappermarkt organiseren wij nu een eco, art & designmarkt. Op deze zondag kun je shoppen voor artwork, fashion items én allerlei eerlijke biologische producten en hapjes.

Deze zal plaatsvinden op zondag 1 juli 2007 op het Dapperplein.

Zie ook www.dappermarkt.com


Travelling with Yoshitomo Nara

Yesterday i've seen this awesome movie about Yoshitomo Nara->Travelling with Yoshitomo Nara
Its about his a to z project but also about his life, work, workspace etc etc :)



and delicious... NOT!


Go Michael!!

Yesterday i found this in the trash :)
I think it is great!!!


Wouter Geleense

I want to say thanks to Wouter Geleense.
Because he designs incredibly nice products. This stuff drives me to be a product designer :D

Turntable with 2.5cc engine.
A basic radio which you have to finish yourself :) (i have this one on my "wanted-list" for a while now).
Go have a look at his site