Almost 2007

Me, my loomys and chubs would like to wish you all a VERY happy new year. Filled with lots of toys, cute stuf, love, and happiness.

It feels a bit strange, the year has gone by so fast.
I just know that 2007 is going to be
a great year :).
So tonight im going to celebrate it, with friends.
I've prepared some snacks to bring, and now my kitchen is
a mess.

I still dont know that magic spell to clean it in 1 sec, so i guess im gonna clean it now then >_<
Hope you all have a great night!!



At first: sorry peeps i didnt send out any christmascards this year..
I just forgot to do it :S

My christmastree, if you look closer you can see foomps living in my tree.
They're from Mieke Driessen, and they are such
funny little creatures.

Normally im not a big christmas fan, but this year i really liked it.
Eat with family, playing nintendo, partying :)
And Santa gave me a GREAT present.

Meet my new roommate:

And tomorrow its allready the last day of 2006,
So i will blog more tomorrow ;)



Its allready a week ago that i was @ Blackwonderland.
The whole day was so great, filled with lots and lots of toys to buy.
Plushies, vinyl, customized toys, all in 1 building.
I LOVED it :), so happy that there was finally an event like this in the Netherlands. Tnx to William from King Skull Fish, who organized it all.
I hope there will be a black wonderland event#2 next year!

Stuff ive bought, a lot but i wanted to buy much more >_<

Groupiestyle pic with Jason Siu, me and my new speaker for my ipod (also signed).
:( too sad i didnt have pictures with Ken Munk, lunartik, unkle brand etc etc.

My stuff.

If you want to see more blackwonderland pictures click here



This month really was crazy :)
I still had to post some pics from Sale#2 @ Platform21, it was fun. There werent as much people i hoped there to be,
but still it was great.


Cool package!!

I received such a cool package today :)
Tnx Marc, im so happy with it. JOYJOY

Shawnimals pocket pork, 2 pp buttons, sticker kidrobot, sticker phallicmammary.com, 2 other cool buttons AND a doraemon keychain.
And its not even my birthday >_<


Crazy weekend

This weekend is crazyness..
Tomorrow i'll be at sale#2 in Amsterdam,
sunday @ boulevard dunica in Utrecht.
I hope it's all going to be so much fun :)
This is how my stuff looks like @ Boulevard dunica: