Okay i really have a lot of bags but this one.... I NEEEEEED it ;)
Just wanted to show this.
You can buy it at Gama Go.


Plush you 2007

Yessss im in! My work will be @ Plush you 2007!!!


Yoshitomo Nara @ GEM

Yessss, Yoshitomo Nara is having a solo exhibition @ GEM in the Hague (the city i live in),
02-06-2007 t/m 07-10-2007 .
Can't wait to see it, but im sure it will be great. Hope to see lots and loooots of work :D

Mizna Wada

Mizna Wada is an illustrator, living in Tokyo.
I love her dark looking girls. On her website you can see different styles but my fav is Mizna Lens.


castle magazine

I LOVE online magazines and i just found out about castle magazine (illustrative magazine) and it is great. Lots of nice pics (drawings, photos and also interviews).



Last weekend i went to Art Amsterdam (kunstrai).
I always thought that Kunstrai would be a bit boring, but i was surprised by seeing so much beautiful work there. It was a great day!
My favourites were:
Ayako Rokkaku
Mayuko Yamamoto
Han Yajuan
You can see more pics at my flickr page


New shoes

Everything went well :) I wasnt even that non-corporate compared to others.
And i used it as an excuse to buy new shoes, these are my newest:
And this is what i am used to wear (i still like them more ;)):


too much time

went by without blogging...
I've started with my graduation project (thats what i'll be doing till octobre).
Im working on my business plan and im designing my own product (i will tell about it later ;) *surprise*surprise*).
Till now i like it, there is only one thing... on excursions i have to wear corporate clothing...
Its just sooooo not me, corporate.. *shivering. I can't walk on heels (sadly) and when i will buy an outfit like beneath i just KNOW i will only wear it twice.
I just want to wear my own clothes!!! I like my own clothes, whats wrong with tops with pink polkadots on it???
Ive decided to wear my own clothes (tomorrow i have my first excursion), F... it! ;)