Dutch bloggies

I went to the Dutch bloggies awards this week.
It was in The Hague's city hall (nearby my house), it wasnt that crowded but still.. it was fun!
Some pics (most of Loomy):Loomy playing the dj.
I loved the vj-stuff. I always like it a lot when vj's use characters :)
Loomy @ the city hall.


Shocking news

Last week loomy was chilling outside. But what happened next? :(

He fell in the water.I wasnt carefull enough, and look at that water. Its soooo dirty.
Luckily i rescued him.
Standing up again, smelling different but still alive.



FINALLY, the sun is shining, the flowers smell great.
I love it, it makes me VERY happy :) .

I received a package today, with lots of new button parts. I need them for a new productline...still working on it.


eating maggots

Dont they look tasty?
Today i went to the museum voor volkenkunde (museum for people-knowledge).
There was an exhibition about food, the traditions and cultural ascpects of food and eating etc.
It was great :) i also ate maggots and 1 grasshopper :S not my favourite food..

Meet Lamba-plush, made as a present for someone. It is to sit next to his computer monitor at his work.


MedEx Plush show, Nashville

17 March, plush show in Nashville.
The theme of this show is medical experiments, im also joining this show with one of my loomys.
Loomy died much too young after eating a bee. But thanks to medical experimenting she is alive again. Her heart is replaced with a cpu laser unit, wich works as a heart but also can be used as a love beam to avoid bad people in order to protect herself.For her daily portion of super power she can be coupled to a powercable through the connector on her behind.