I love Berlin

Berlin was great!
Lots of walking, my feet were tired after 5 days in Berlin :)
Pictoplasma's character walk was so long, it took me 2 days to see everything.
It also led to great shops with handmade stuff, design toys, comics, art books etc.
Shops we also should have in The Hague!!!
At night i couldnt sleep cause of all the cool stuff i had seen.

The other days were filled with more shopping, more sightseeing and drinking beer in cool bars :D
The whole trip inspired me a lot, i have lots of energy since i'm back.



Tomorrow i'm going to Berlin :D
Can't wait, and i'm going to do pictoplasma's character walk too.


I received such a cool package in the mail today :)
its from Canela's etsyshop.
The little bird is made of felt, its a pin.

I also made some buttons, just to try. I like them allready but want to make more different kind of buttons, so thats what i'm going to do this weekend.