Krabbedans Eindhoven

This picture is taken at the Krabbedans in Eindhoven.
All the lamps are looking great together, looks like Lamba is also having a great time.



This is my lampshade designed for www.lichtoptextiel.nl (see my post 11-2-2007). I made it with the help of 2 girls (Lotte and Lotte).
His name is Lamba, which is turkish for light. At his back he has a small pocket in which he can carry the minifigures.



I just LOVE snow! And apparently im not the only one ;)


Licht op Textiel

Last week i was @ "licht op textiel" (light at textile).
25 Designers from the Netherlands were asked to design a lamp-shade.
During the day these designs were made with help of the participants.
The whole day was so much fun, especially to talk to everybody about craft-things/ work etc.
All the lamps are for sale, the money goes to the mensenbieb project (an integration project).
Ive posted my pictures of that day at www.marjon.org/lichtoptextiel .
This week i will post the results of my lamp (its almost finished now).


Exhibition @ artshop t Walvis

Still had to mention this... (the opening is allready a week ago >_<)
But my stuff is for sale now @ t walvis (a gallery/ artshop) in Schiedam.


Lots of packages

Last 2 weeks i have been very spoiled ^^, i received VERY nice packages in my mailbox.
The first one is from APAK, i bought it as a present for myself :)
I like his work a lot, its so cute.
I also did a trade with a very sweet girl, Arkaya, who runs http://patchworkers.deviantart.com/.
Meet "Story 2", he's so sweet, comes with his own story book.
I also did a trade with Ack! I received a brilliant painting but also LOTS and LOTS of goodies (drawings & stickers). Woot i love his work so much. Im in love with my painting >_<