They say...

They say it’s the warmest autumn in 300 yrs.. BUT I’m so cold all the time.
Brrr is it me???
But now I have new wristwarmers which I wear all the time :D,
Bought them on etsy, made by littlebear.

I’ve been making more loomys/ chubs/ jellyfishes and pins for the upcoming events.

There are 3 events which I’ll be joining in december:
7 tm 13 decembre: Boulevard d‘unica, toren van Babel, Utrecht
9 december: Sale #2, platform 21, Amsterdam
20 december: designtoy event Blackwonderland, Concordia theater, Den Haag
So as you all can imagine :) i'm very busy right now. But no worries, i love it :)



Just testing slide.com a bit...



Today i finally finished my new website :)
www.marjon.org, with all my work on it,
and www.marjon.org/loomy, a special new home for the loomys and chubs.

I also made labels last week for the loomys and chubs. And stencilled some boxes too, so when people order a loomy or chubb they are going to be delivered in a customized box.



www.bettyjoy.co.uk is an online shop with handmade cute stuff.
I'm happy that some of my loomys are now available there,
the site looks so pretty >_<


Pictures, Berlin

If you want to see more pics of my Berlin trip click here ;)

And Loomy was also there, she also took pictures. Click here too see them.